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We are Calgary Westside Alpine Ski Club

Based out of Winsport in Calgary, we have the best of both worlds: a perfectly icy training ground (only racers would agree that's a good thing) with a super quick lap time, and the ability to travel regularly to the mountains. We strike a balance between lots of gates + all-mountain off-piste to fulfill our loves of speed + adventure.

We're truly a #skifamily - we're here for each other in skiing and in life. Skiing is an individual sport but we're a TEAM that will always be each others' loudest cheering squad.

Being local to Calgary, we cater to families who'd rather not drive to the mountains every weekend, and we offer optional van service to and from Winsport for U10 and older athletes for our regular mountain trips.  


Find out more about our programs or send us a message anytime with your questions.

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